Is kotlin now using `&`, `|` for anything? Bit...
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Is kotlin now using
for anything? Bitwise operators? Would be kinda neat if
could be a new bracket type if kot, but that would be weirdly different from industry standard.
No thanks I'd like those bitwise operators please!
Ruby and Rust use pipes for closure inputs, so not totally unprecedented as a bracketing character and doesn't need to clash with your bitwise operators ­čÖé Not sure that I'd encourage new bracket types for the use case that they'd be kinda neat though..
yeah, I imagine the compiler could understand the difference between using
as a bitwise operator and as brackets, even in a case like
a | b | c
a simple implementation of
as a bracket could just be absolute value of a number.
or it could denote truly immutable collections, perhaps
but we don't have list literals in kotlin as it is, so...