10/10/2018, 7:49 AM
This isn't really a kotlin question but this issue I'm having came about while trying to mess around with the Kotlin Embedded Compiler (Kotlin JSR 223). For whatever reason, when I call ScriptEngine$eval, I get thrown an error stating "Failed to initialize native filesystem for Windows" even though the eval performs the same. It's really odd. I can't find anything on google that fixes my issue. Upon further inspection I found that the System Property for "idea.home.path" and "idea.home" were not being found by IntelliJ's OpenAPI PathManager class. However, when I go into my environment variables for my local machine, it doesn't have idea.home or idea.home.path at all. Not only that but there's actually nothing regarding any IDEA framework. I also find that attaching sources automatically (like intellij should be) doesn't work at all. I have to manually attach sources and not even that works all the time. I'm wondering if there's some kind of problem with my intellij installation and I may need a clean install of intellij. I have both community edition and the paid version (using school account). I actually used to have the variables set like a long time ago but I'm not quite sure what's going on anymore tbh. Are any of these problems known at all? I'm using 2018.2. I'm gonna try updating to 2018.3 and see if that fixes anything but this is kinda weird. Never experienced this before. I've messed with Kotlin Jsr 223 before tbh and never had this problem.


10/10/2018, 7:57 AM
Probably make sense to report this issue to Kotlin issue tracker (or maybe a few different issues)


10/10/2018, 10:30 AM
Yeah I was going to but I thought I'd check if it was like user error or something