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11/27/2017, 4:50 AM
@Shawn yeah you're right it just bugs me that I try to be objective about new languages and they just flat out dismiss them because it's not C++ or it doesn't have new features that benefit them or something. But I've read a post by the CEO of JetBrains that making kotlin go native is a bad idea and he gave a few big reasons why. Not trying to pull an appeal to authority fallacy but if the guy who leads kotlin development disagrees with making it native then maybe that says something but like you said, it's still early in development so I'm still waiting to see what it becomes in the future. I doubt it's gonna be anything like rust, unless there's reason to believe it can compete against rust but whom knows. And in the past I've only been able to find a few blog articles about native and it seems promising but from what I've been hearing from some others and from what I've been reading, it just seems like a lost cause to port kotlin to llvm. But again I don't know that much about kotlin native I'm gonna have to look through it more if I can find some official documentation revolving around how it works and how it's staying as kotlin while switching to a completely new backend


11/27/2017, 5:09 AM
Could you please share a link? Are you sure that this is article from JetBrains CEO? I know such article from Mike Hearn, but he is not from JetBrains
how it’s staying as kotlin while switching to a completely new backend
But Kotlin has 2 backends for a long time: JVM and JS, LLVM is just one more