10/02/2017, 2:54 PM
I am using the very latest Intellij IDEA Community EAP, Kotlin 1.2 beta 31, Gradle 4.2, and Java 9. I have a Kotlin JVM project. With Java 9 as a project JDK, running/building the project fails (at least occasionally): I get unresolved references to my own classes, which are defined in the very same project. I believe these classes are 100% Kotlin objects / singletons. I also receive zero unresolved reference errors in the IDE itself, only upon building. The only thing that seems to help, is to rebuild the whole project. Anyone else encountered this same thing? Is there a workaround - other than not using Java 9?


10/02/2017, 7:49 PM
I had the problem with non beta versions and java 8, it seems like when the indexing is done after a failed gradle build, it loses or corrupts the indexing. I had to reverse the change that broke the build, invalidate the ide cache in the file menu and restart the ide, then everything stopped being red... A bit frustrating, but I was able to reintroduce the breaking changes with the ide not going bezerk anymore. This also happens to me once in a while...