Can anybody comment on this? Two example projects...
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Can anybody comment on this? Two example projects with 500 classes: git clone git clone> time gradle classes 0m23.593s big-app.kotlin> time gradle classes 9m34.467s
What is the current state of compiler performance?
rebuilding my project takes a minute and a half but the kotlin part is under 300 classes I think. The rest is java with a similar # of classes. But most of my kotlin classes are under 500 lines
maybe this part is the culprit?
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task libs(type: Sync) {
  from configurations.compile
  from configurations.testCompile
  into "$buildDir/lib"

compileKotlin.dependsOn libs
I'll check
Without this working for 7m already
Just compileKotlin
which version of gradle do you use for this build?
It's very suspicious, I'll take a look into this
I've identified part of the problem. Check my comment in the issue.