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# announcements
Please don't crosspost.
What's the alternative? Should I copy-paste the text of the post, and link to all its comments and resulting chat? This seemed better for everyone.
You simply post it to the most relevant channel and leave it at that. Almost everyone is in both #general and #getting-started anyway, so it doesn't really help to crosspost.
It's even annoying, because often two different discussions arise, with a lot of repetition.
Oh,I see what you mean. I just wasn't sure which audience was most relevant. There's no #advanced-help channel
I thought you meant "Please don't post links from other forums"
That's for #general mostly. Yea I wasn't talking about the link, I'm sorry for the confusion ☺️
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Copy code
<module fileurl="file://U:\Libraries\Programs\Git\Telegram-RP\lib\Husky-UI\JVM\Husky UI.iml" filepath="U:\Libraries\Programs\Git\Telegram-RP\lib\Husky-UI\JVM\Husky UI.iml" group="Libraries" />
Do you really want that in your modules.xml ?
You have two - that and the one below
<module fileurl="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/Husky-UI/Core/JVM/Husky UI.iml" filepath="$PROJECT_DIR$/lib/Husky-UI/Core/JVM/Husky UI.iml" group="Libraries/UI" />
I should have answered on SO 😛
Thanks for the advice, @ross_a! I removed the silly lines but I didn't see any changes for the better :c