Hello, I have the `KotlinCompileDaemon` which some...
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Hello, I have the
which sometimes take 300% of the CPU or throws with a
GC overhead limit exceeded
. What kind of infos can I provide / tools I can use to open a useful bug report on kotl.in/issue?
jmfayard: looks like insufficient heap size for the daemon to me. In which environment are you compiling?
OSX 10.12.5 AndroidStudio 3.0 Gradle version 4.0 Android Plugin 3.0.0-alpha3 Kotlin : 1.1.2-5
By default the kotlin daemon inherits heap limits from the gradle, so, if it suits you, please increase Xmx for the gradle itself. If not - ping me again: I’ll write how to manage Xmx for the kotlin daemon alone.