is there a tool that can print out the inferred ty...
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is there a tool that can print out the inferred types for variables?
kiku: select an expression to infer type of and press Ctrl-Shift-P
with latest IDEA there is an option "Show local variables type hint"
hey.. that's pretty cool!
unfortunately does not work with vim selection mode
also, which version is that option available in? can't see it my intellij
I'm running IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1.3 EAP
it probably requires 2017.2, not sure in which version it was introduced
Ctrl-Shift-P is bound to action "Expression Type", you could try to find it via Ctrl-Shift-A (actions search)
the action doesn't require selection but only caret set
in this case a popup should appear
yeah this action works.. what I meant was only when i select it using a mouse, not while using the selection mode in ideavim
as for not seeing the option, it was "Show local variables type hint".. I guess it's there in 2017.2