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using Kluent. I’ve tried with assertEquals from Junit just to be sure it wasn’t something Kluent was doing, but it isn’t.
I would step into the
call and check why is it returning false.
equals is not comparing string representation of the object, so I think an extra space printed in the console is not the reason why the assert is failing
I have, it’s failing due to Kotlin’s equals() generation.
As far as I can see, the two are exactly the same. IntelliJ’s little link to show you the differences only has that ending space as the difference.
While debugging, when I get to the breakpoint on
, and I compare the string representation of both, they are identical according to IntelliJ.
Figured it out. I had a type issue somewhere. Downside to using Any, but maybe I’ll change that later. Thanks again!
glad you figured it out..