I upgraded Kotlin to 1.1.1 in my Maven project and...
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I upgraded Kotlin to 1.1.1 in my Maven project and now Travis CI build fails (only Linux, MacOS works):
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[WARNING] The POM for org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-maven-plugin:jar:1.1.1 is missing, no dependency information available
[INFO] Downloading: <https://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2/org/codehaus/plexus/plexus-utils/1.1/plexus-utils-1.1.jar>
[INFO] Downloaded: <https://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2/org/codehaus/plexus/plexus-utils/1.1/plexus-utils-1.1.jar> (165 KB at 2457.0 KB/sec)
[WARNING] Error injecting: org.jetbrains.kotlin.maven.K2JVMCompileMojo
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/util/Processor
https://travis-ci.org/AlexP11223/minic/jobs/217293085 Is it Travis issue? Or I am doing something wrong?
The output looks like Kotlin isn’t one of your dependencies. Also sounds like the upgrade to Kotlin v1.1.1 was just the IDEA plugin
@fernandocortez no, I changed dependency version in pom.xml. And of course I always had kotlin-stdlib dependency, the CI buld worked on previous versions (1.06, ...)