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03/01/2017, 8:37 PM
@orangy pro tip: don’t use gradle...
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03/02/2017, 9:02 AM
nfrankel: Curious, why not? I have mostly worked with Maven, and at my company we were thinking of moving to Gradle. I personally find Maven rather complex. So, would be nice to have some perspective.


03/02/2017, 9:38 AM
Gradle is getting back to Ant (if you have worked with it). Want to do stuff? Script it. Then someone comes in and takes ages to understand the build. Maven has many problems, but at least I can understand POMs in a matter of minutes (at most hours). Maven makes it a pain to do something not standard: you need to create a plugin. Gradle allows any hacker to use its Groovy skills… I bitched about it a lot, and was told that since I never used Gradle myself, I had to shut up. Then I was on an Android project, and they used Gradle (of course). Just as I described, someone hacked a long Groovy scripts to connect to Sonar. No problem, there was only one project. However, when another project started, what do you think happened? Did someone create a plugin out of the hack? No Sir, they just copied-pasted the whole script to the new project. Gradle is evil by design, period. (Plus their comparison matrix with Maven is worth shit)