# ktor

James Black

03/30/2022, 1:22 AM
I am using this version of ktor: 2.0.0-beta-1 and I don't understand how to solve this. Basically, my iOS app calls a shared view model in Kotlin which then calls a repository and that goes to my api. Nothing comes back from the call, but the exact same repository call and api call are made from my Android application and it works fine. It appears it might be a problem where it can't make an SSL connection to the backend, but how could that be wrong? HttpClient: REQUEST: https://mycompany/auth/login HttpClient: METHOD: HttpMethod(value=POST) 2022-03-29 200343.811964-0500 iosApp[62440:11389473] [ServicesDaemonManager] interruptionHandler is called. -[FontServicesDaemonManager connection]_block_invoke 2022-03-29 200741.407923-0500 iosApp[62440:11394220] [boringssl] boringssl_metrics_log_metric_block_invoke(151) Failed to log metrics 2022-03-29 200741.425475-0500 iosApp[62440:11394116] Connection 1: received failure notification 2022-03-29 200741.425979-0500 iosApp[62440:11394116] Connection 1: failed to connect 3:-9816, reason -1 2022-03-29 200741.426024-0500 iosApp[62440:11394116] Connection 1: encountered error(3:-9816) 2022-03-29 200741.428298-0500 iosApp[62440:11394116] Task <484C8CA5-611F-489B-AC11-8FCA4A7EBC66>.<1> HTTP load failed, 0/0 bytes (error code: -1200 [3:-9816])
I have a feeling that the problem may be that the certificate doesn't meet the requirements for iOS 14, which is what I am targeting. I used openssl s_client -showcerts -connect server:443 and I don't see some of the new required fields.