# ktor

Mark Schisler

03/22/2022, 5:45 PM
Is there a good work around for this incompatibility with
network config on Android? The work around appears to be to drop down to fully enabling all clear text comms (which seems wild). To fix this bug, all that appears to be missing is an update to this function call to add in the hostname of the request. Is there a time table for release? This issue has existed since 1.5 and still isn’t fixed in the mainline branch. See the attached JIRA issue.[…]r-network-tls/jvm/src/io/ktor/network/tls/TLSClientHandshake.kt
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As a follow on to this question: there doesn’t appear to be any Android-specific code in the KTOR client. While the fix to this seems relatively straight forward (pass the hostname to AOSP), the tooling changes around a contribution like this seem like a relatively steep climb. Any thoughts here?