Hey all! New to this space :slightly_smiling_face:...
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Hey all! New to this space 🙂 I’m learning Kotlin with a PHP / Laravel background. Covered the basics and these make sense. As a next step, I’m looking into Ktor and Exposed. This tutorial helped me with Ktor: https://ktor.io/docs/creating-http-apis.html Next step would be to include Exposed in there as well, using their getting started: https://github.com/JetBrains/Exposed/wiki/Getting-Started#download Coming from a different background, I feel I miss some background on the installation process and frameworks so feeling a little lost there. It’s hard to assess resources I found, as they refer to different Kotlin/Ktor versions and I’m not so sure what’s still up to date (enough) and what is not. Any tips on what I could read into to get a better grasp? TL;DR: how can I properly install Exposed in Ktor?
Please have a look at this starter project. It includes more or less recent versions of Ktor and Kotlin.
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Thanks! Will do
It would help to explain what kind of integration you're expecting; because while Ktor and Exposed can complement each other well in the same project, they're separate tools and I don't see much need for them to really know about each other. In 'clean architecture' terms, Ktor's routing abilities may be thought of as your backend's presentation later, while Exposed works great at implementing a repository/service layer for your data. If you're expecting a kind of turn-key CRUD functionality for any named Entity, neither framework is yet that opinionated about how it should be achieved, AFAIK you would have to fill that gap in for yourself. Actually that's something I really like about Ktor, other well known JVM web frameworks seem like an impenetrable nightmare to me because they are so heavily opinionated that you will face many obstacles unless you understand the original designers philosophy, which only comes after a lot of time.