I am curious, has anybody used ktor as replacement...
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I am curious, has anybody used ktor as replacement for a mock web server in both Android and iOS automation? I know there is a MockEngine, but that only seems useful if all client requests are being made with a Ktor client and unfortunately my app is not fully converted over yet. So was curious if anybody has tried that or if its even a good use case for ktor?
I use Ktor on (jvm) backend as a fake web server - replacing other API's with their simplistic HTTP implementation with Ktor. This way it works with any clients - I just have to repoint them to
<http://localhost>:<port where the ktor is running>
. Not sure whether it's exactly what you're looking for, but definitely an option.
Interesting, does that support any dynamic changes in the server response with your setup? Or is the server just simply returning some static values for the api?
The main idea is to have it dynamic indeed. A simplistic implementation of the external dependency. E.g. "create payment transaction" to a paygate will return a response with a new id and store this transaction state in an in-memory map. When asked for the status of this transaction, this fake will return the status derived from the previous interactions .
Try wiremock.