After updating to latest ver, I have huge problems...
# ktor
After updating to latest ver, I have huge problems with proguard ClassCastException and class cannot be cast to reflect.parametrized tipe, I have the feeling that it's more a ktor issue but not sure, debuging this kind of stuff its kind a hell ... specially taking in account that everything went smooth before the update it's something related to pipeline phase ...
Sorry I'm simply not sure if its a ktor or a serialization issue, and well about default configurations I don't think it's the point as I can run my app in debug mode flawlessly
@MBegemot please file an issue here and attach a sample project to reproduce your problem.
Thank you, I filed the issue, but I don't have any sample project, I guess that if it's a general problem any project containing client ktor code will experience the same error at release mode ...