Hello, I don’t know if this could be related with ...
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Hello, I don’t know if this could be related with ktor (it doesn’t make sense being), but maybe you can point me out in the right direction. I’m testing Google Calendar API v3, and I can make CRUD operations without any problem. The strange behaviour comes when I try to POST an Event with Attendees and Location, it works but these fields are not saved. I’m printing my POST json body to the console, and If I use the same payload with Postam or Google API Explorer it works 😬 I’ve open an SO question also. What am I missing? 🤔 Thanks for your time.
Is this ktor to javascript target? You should print the response - that should give you some clue as to what is going wrong
Jvm target, and the response it’s an OK 200 with the event data (the same I’ve sent with a few ids added by Google). If I latter call GET it returns the event with location and attendees (if I created with Postman)
If you are calling the API and it's returning a success, I think it's working...how are you verifying it after the ktor POST request?
@Guilherme Delgado I recommend comparing network calls made by Postam or Google API Explorer and Ktor via Wireshark to try find any differences.
@Ryan Rolnicki i’m using:
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kotlin.runCatching { ....POST }.getOrElse { errors }
and I’m nothing catching exceptions so its ok. And latter on I call GET and the event shows up, just simply without attendees and location, but all the remaining data its ok. @Aleksei Tirman [JB] ok will do and share my findings
I’ve found it, of course this was not related with ktor, typical problem between chair and computer 👀 I was using an invalid object reference, in other words, an outdated one 😅 grrr.. thanks for your time guys.