# ktor


02/18/2021, 11:46 PM
The Ktor Client Curl library isn't meeting expectations when it comes to stability 😞. Memory usage isn't under control, and there are other stability issues. When using the library in a Kotlin Native program targeting linuxX64 the library leaks memory, and will often fail to send all HTTP requests (no errors appear, including exceptions). Over the course of a few hours (with the program started from around 10 am yesterday) the reserved memory usage is over 72 MB and growing 😦, which is very bad compared to the Kotlin Native program using libcurl instead where the reserved memory usage is around 15 MB and the memory usage doesn't grow (is stable). A Kotliner shouldn't have to to worry if the Kotlin library they are using is leaking memory. This is a classic case of the Ktor team dropping the ball on memory management with some of the Ktor libraries they are developing/maintaining. All I want as a Kotliner using this library is stability, stability, stability!
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More focus should be placed on stability/performance, and less on new features. The newer versions of Ktor Client Curl seem to be less stable/performant than the older versions.