Did anyone experience issues after upgrading to Kt...
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Did anyone experience issues after upgrading to Ktor 1.4.1? After I upgraded to Ktor 1.4.1, after my application is up for a bit, my http client all my requests are timing out. This didn't happen in 1.3.1, now I'm downgrading to 1.3.1 to see if the issue persists or not, but still, this is very strange. It seems to be related to https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KTOR-717 but the issue seems to be present since 1.0.0 (!), so I'm not really sure if it is related.
I run 40k requests over a short period, 200 parallel. Mostly works fine for me so far w/ 1.4.1 ­čÖé No timeouts at least
However this started to happen after I updated to Ktor 1.4.1
Of course, this also hangs any request using the client, not just in that piece of code
(Using Apache Client)
And I know that it isn't the webserver timing out (which also uses ktor, heh) because I'm able to query the webserver with any other browser and it works fine.
Yeah, currently I'm running my application with Ktor 1.3.1, no issues so far.