# ktor


08/11/2020, 2:15 AM
What do yall use for user managment? Wondering if I need to program basic user management again for the billionth time... in the millionth language, lol... or if a package exists.


08/11/2020, 11:00 AM
You could use a product like it is focused on Auth, but it also provides basic user management, I guess there are more products with a similar scope


08/11/2020, 1:00 PM
Let me know if you know others. in my mind the ideal solutions would include: SQL or gradle script for standing up user management DB (ideally with structural options so I can make it highly relations and link in with other user management systems like LDAP, Posix and windows file permissions; a java package backend for auth and REST user management; a user manager front end in js. keycloak was the closest I found but I haven't dug into it yet... trying to avoid learning another framework that ends up not doing what I need, lol.
I can probably scavange from some old local user mgmt code I have, mostly js and php. Still not sure about LDAP user mgmt, the client has an ldp server so it's required and the software needs local user management too for resale. Once mgmt and auth is in place... then I'll need to implement page permissions, file/asset permissions, DB permissions, credential mgmt for numerous external REST & DB systems, and I'm sure that's probably only 10% of it. Doing it all from scratch (again,lol) in any language would take 2-4 weeks just for complete auth, login/out, users, groups, roles, assigning users to groups and etc.