Dominik wuttke

08/06/2020, 8:54 PM
Is it possible to do server-side rendering of an angular app in ktor? If yes, is there a guide on how to do it?


08/08/2020, 2:17 AM
i am guessing technically possible but you will probably have to write the library
afaik angular SSR is only implemented for nodejs, so.,.. maybe you would have more luck using nodejs-kt bindings and fowarding requests from ktor to there of if it really produces static content .. to make this part of the build process and then packaging the static resources

Dominik wuttke

08/09/2020, 10:12 PM
Thank you for the answer, I already thought it won't be possible that easy. I am not very good at js, but I might use a simple express server for the rendering and use ktor for the API calls