# ktor


07/01/2020, 1:19 PM
There's a
package in version
so I took it's disappearance from
to mean the MPP metadata became included as standard for
itself... no?
To answer my own question: Looks like authentication concerns are split across server and client packages, being
...where the server package is JVM only, and the client is multiplatform.
I was hoping to have my 'User' class which should be shared, implement the Ktor
marker interface - since it is used as that.
However this interface seems to be available only on the Server.
This seems a bit of an artificial limitation, but never mind - have opted to create a
inline wrapper class that adds the


07/01/2020, 2:00 PM
Yeah... this whole multiplatform thing might be doomed... not conceptually, just because of the way it and gradle have been implemented. I've never seen systems built like this... so much is left up to what they consider "convention" but in reality it has nothing to do with convention; it isn't built around convention, it's built around what some guy specifically wanted to use it for... i.e. this whole enviroment is like a pile of useful applications, some of which can work well together so it's like trying to put together a 1000 piece puzzle when it should be like trying to design, machine and then build reusable components that could be used in any engine. IMHO. Recently starting CI/CD with AWS, I'm beginning to question how useful all my struggles with gradle and multiplatform over the last YEAR really were... probably not at all... to put it another way, gradle and AWS pipeline seem to be the same fucking thing with the same flexibility... but gradle claims to be a build system for programmers for automating any arbitrary software lifecycle (which it is not, lol) while AWS just provides a standard yet flexible and easier solution... I hate amazon, I wanted to love gradle and multiplatform... but 6 months of my life later, lol, regrets are mounting.
god I hate to admit it... but the best build system that provides all the BASIC functionality I need is a fucking batch or shell script, lol... if your gonna try to replace something, replace it all not just a few pieces and call it "convention". Sorry... I'm just really thinking of dropping gradle altogether... in hide sight is really has been a nightmare trying to get it to do what I want.