# ktor


04/16/2020, 6:38 PM
Hello everybody! 🙂 I'm qa engineer and I'm using one of sample ktor apps to practice new tool for performance testing using Locust. To training I'm using Kweet app I have a problem with database. I see it's h2 database stored in file. So I wrote a test script to create some users and kweets and I want to clear database after my tests. Could you guys help me with connection to DB? What I want to do is to execute some sql queries for example delete * from users, delete * from kweets. What's the address of h2 db and credentials in kweet app? We can assume that I'm running my python script from the main catalog of kweet app Maybe I should change some code to enable DB to be visible and connectable?
I know that sometimes only one connection is possible to H2 database, so I would like to connect to db when application is not running