# ktor


03/15/2020, 6:48 PM
Now I'm confused, it looks like it isn't implemented yet?


03/16/2020, 6:27 AM
Hi @Gunslingor, it's implemented as part of ktor-client-core, the dependency left for backward compatibility


03/16/2020, 4:21 PM
Wonderful thanks for the info dude much appreciated... I actually realized that I might be confusing front end and backend as I lay out the architecture for this new giant project, I ended up creating multiplatform project with jsMain, jvmMain, commonMain. My goal is to write full stack in nothing but Kotlin, with asyncronous client requests to an API. Having issues, not a gradle expert and all this stuff is so new... ATM I can't get Ktor to serve up the Kotlin generated js file called distributions/fullstack-mpp-frontend.js... I can't make it work in the app or the original example either... this tech has so much potential but I need to start writing the real software soon! Thanks again, all input appreciated.
I feel almost as though I don't need multiplatform though... for example in ktor I could do
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class View : Template<HTML>
why can't I do
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class View : Template<JS>
why can't I transpile arbitrary code blocks to different platforms. should be a goal IMHO... still learning but really confused and not sure what I should be studying to learn more.
hmmm... looks like there is a template in intellij for the JS/JVM Kotlin that is exactly the same as the ktor-sample-mpp project but more upto date and runs! I suspect this will help me fix mine.