# ktor

Jaxon Du

02/21/2020, 2:08 PM
Started a new project, from ktor plugin I select “GradleKotlinDsl”. Select a few options such as Location, Sessions. Then there is red bar with error “Project ‘xxxxx’ isn’t linked with Gradle”. I’m brand new to ktor, also IntelliJ, just follow tutorial on the web, encounter this error on step 0. Begin to doubt if I’m too stupid to learn. I’m using the latest IntelliJ IDEA CE. Will the paid version have lesser such error?


02/21/2020, 2:17 PM
i can feel your pain ☹️ working with intellij 5+ years and ktor for a year intensively at work, still experiencing similar issues with intellij+kotlin/ktor+gradle... no, the commercial ultimate license won't solve it. are you using the gradle wrapper? (
existing?) is there any way i could have a look (source published publicly?)

Jaxon Du

02/21/2020, 2:39 PM
This is what I did: create a new project, select ktor plugin. Under Project: select GradleKotlinDsl, select options Locations, Sessions, click next, fill up project name, and project files are created. Build project, no error or nothing happened. Then open “build.gradle.kts” add in one line under dependencies
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compile ""
And then the red bar with error occured on the window of “build.gradle.kts”. So I have not added any other codes. My guess the error is due to me selecting “GradleKotlinDsl”, but do not expect such error from Jetbrains, with paid product. My guess if I just choose ” Gradle” there would not be any error. Or I can search the web finding out how to reconfigure my project to use Gradle plugin. Or I can read the codes of ktor plugin (if its available) to find out what happened. I’m not wasting such times as I’m only evaluating ktor, Kotlin, KMP. Thanks for offering to help.
I’m not using paid version of IntelliJ IDEA. Just that I do not expect a product with commercial license and many users to exhibit such simple error. I understand its not IntelliJ issue but ktor plugin, but they’re same to me as both from JetBrains.


02/24/2020, 6:04 PM
I maintain this project as a working starting point of a ktor project. Feel free to copy and paste anything you find useful, or copy the whole thing and modify it in place.