Hey, i've got a strange Exception using ktor-clien...
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Hey, i've got a strange Exception using ktor-client:
io.ktor.client.features.SendCountExceedException: Max send count 20 exceeded
This appears when i use the basic auth feature, give it the wrong username and password and then try to get data from a backend. When i manually add the
Authorization: Basic
header, it works fine Any Ideas what causes this and how i could solve it? I'm using ktor 1.3.0
does anyone have any ideas about this? It's kinda blocking progress right now
Try 1.3.1, I see some fixes about authentication in the changelog
ouh, thanks, didn't realize there was a newer version out already ;D I'll try
This really looks like this issue which is fixed in 1.3.1 https://github.com/ktorio/ktor/issues/1051
When (accidentally) using the wrong username/password for BasicAuthProvider in the io.ktor:ktor-client-auth plugin, the client ultimately throws a SendCountExceedException
thanks again, that seemed to have been it.