Is there a memory monitor graph in intellij for se...
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Is there a memory monitor graph in intellij for seeing real time heap usage similar to what we have in Android Studio or in the Heroku dashboard? Or is there a recommended plugin? I tried out an application called VisualVM but the memory usage I see for an application does not line up with what I see on our heroku metrics dashboard.
You may try asyncprofiler with memory sampling. It is not the same since it doesn’t produce usage graph but does allocation samling. Anyway it may be useful to see what is going on.
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VisualVM uses built-in JVM profiling capabilities, it may be not exact precise when profiling CPU but it usually works well when profiling memory
So there is some difference in the environment or workload on Heroku, don’t think it is some tooling issue
For VisualVM, even if I boot up my simplest ktor server I see the memory usage increasing for the ktor application's process indefinitely. If I tap the GC button it all comes halting back down. If I had a memory leak though I should see the memory usage gradually increasing in heroku as well, but I do not. I wanted to confirm that initializing a particular library was consuming a lot of memory (in this case it was initializing a lookup table of timezones by polygon).