# ktor


11/11/2019, 9:22 PM
Hi, tried to add ktor 1.2.5 in a multiplatform project(Using kotlin 1.3.50), which uses common, jvm and js targets and has the ktorClient attached as dependency. Now, I'm using dceJS to make everything small and neat. In order to make any sort of headroom with the
, I had to add:
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implementation(npm("bufferutil", "4.0.1"))
implementation(npm("utf-8-validate", "5.0.2"))
implementation(npm("text-encoding", "0.7.0"))
and add an file in the webpack.config.d folder containing:
config.node = { fs: 'empty' };
Now dceJs complains about: error: duplicate target file will be created for 'E:\gloot\glootxr\build\js\node_modules\node-gyp-build\index.js' and 'E:\gloot\glootxr\build\js\node_modules\bufferutil\index.js' The code using ktor is being written in common Any pointers on how to fix this?
Seems like using bufferutil and utf-8-validate along with text-encoding created this error