i am having issues getting websockets on kotlin-js...
# ktor
i am having issues getting websockets on kotlin-js to work, it seems that on close or timeout they never run
or any code past the websocket https://gist.github.com/NikkyAI/91cd375a24bab6301c14e281cf2d4b93 could alos be that i misunderstood how to use coroutines on js ? also it seems to work on fine on jvm
So i have been trying to replicate this in a minimal setup.. and failed, it seems to be related to singlethreadedness in the browser maybe? either way when i use
first thing in the main function it closes just fine
I just read through the code. It looks like it may be hanging on the while(true) loop as it is never explicitly set to false. Try moving the incoming.recieve() inside the while() conditional.