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10/08/2019, 10:32 AM
i am trying to read a csv file from a multipart request and somehow it behaves weird. when i do
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for (line in part.streamProvider().reader().readLines())
it fails with "Underlying input stream returned zero bytes" but when i do
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for (line in ByteArrayInputStream(part.streamProvider().readAllBytes()).reader().readLines())
it works as expected. the weird part is when i run "unix2dos file" before uploading it, it works also with the first bit of code. do i need some content type headers or something like this? reading the file locally also works with the first part, so something along the lines
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for(line in File("bla").reader().readLines())
that's the uploading code
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protected fun TestApplicationEngine.uploadDataForMatrix(file: File, path: String, method: HttpMethod = HttpMethod.Put): TestApplicationResponse {
        return handleRequest(method, path) {
            val boundary = "***bbb***"
            addHeader(HttpHeaders.ContentType, ContentType.MultiPart.FormData.withParameter("boundary", boundary).toString())
            setBody(boundary, listOf(
                    PartData.FileItem({ file.inputStream().asInput() }, {}, headersOf(
                                    .withParameter(ContentDisposition.Parameters.Name, "file")
                                    .withParameter(ContentDisposition.Parameters.FileName, "file.txt")
                                    .withParameter(ContentDisposition.Parameters.Size, "${file.length()}")
when i convert it back with dos2unix it fails again
what is weird that i can read file locally without ktor without problems. seems like the upload is messing with the file somehow
part.streamProvider().readAllBytes() works .. part.streamProvider().reader().readText() fails