Hi everyone! I've following question: There is a c...
# ktor
Hi everyone! I've following question: There is a cookie definition from Ktor:
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data class Cookie(
    val name: String,
    val value: String,
    val encoding: CookieEncoding = CookieEncoding.URI_ENCODING,
    val maxAge: Int = 0,
How it's possible to set cookie without 'maxage' - per standard, it means the lifetime of cookie is restricted by lifetime of client ?
Are you sure maxAge gets written if its 0 ?
I did not (will check), but 0 is also valid value which means cookie should expire immediately
Set-Cookie: <cookie-name>=<cookie-value>; Max-Age=<non-zero-digit>
set it to -1
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5.2.2.  The Max-Age Attribute
Let delta-seconds be the attribute-value converted to an integer.

   If delta-seconds is less than or equal to zero (0), let expiry-time
   be the earliest representable date and time.  Otherwise, let the
   expiry-time be the current date and time plus delta-seconds seconds.
Well, to be honest, in RFC the syntax is also:
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max-age-av        = "Max-Age=" non-zero-digit *DIGIT
                       ; In practice, both expires-av and max-age-av
                       ; are limited to dates representable by the
                       ; user agent.
 non-zero-digit    = %x31-39
                       ; digits 1 through 9
However 5.2.2. states that result can be zero.
Just checked, set maxAge to zero works for me. Thanks.
Anyway, it's not obvious, imho nullable maxAge sounds better.