# ktor

Riccardo Montagnin

02/22/2019, 6:09 AM
Hello everyone, I would like to implement a system in order to get push notifications for devices. What approach would you consider? I was thinking about authenticated websockets, but I'm not sure this would be the best approach. Have you guys any idea how I could implement such a feature with Ktor?


02/22/2019, 2:08 PM
Usually you'd use the relevant OS vendor's systems (Apple/Google). That will be more reliable and more efficient than anything you do yourself, especially if you want your app to receive a push when the app isn't open.


02/22/2019, 3:55 PM
Agreed! Firebase Cloud Messaging is a great option that will use APNS for iOS devices, which will allow you to send messages using the only approved messaging platform for each device (otherwise you can't send push messages while the app is backgrounded).

Riccardo Montagnin

02/22/2019, 5:32 PM
Thank you very much, I didn't know FCM was free for unlimited usage. Having to develop a system that will send thousands of notifications per minute around different users, this will save me a lot of time! Thank you @mp and @rharter!