How do you guys compare developer experience of kt...
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How do you guys compare developer experience of ktor compared to spring boot? I am planning to start a new personal project soon and am evaluating ktor. As far as I saw from my small research, web layer is covered pretty well and for other parts you can pick and choose with a bit of plumbing (don`t have autoconfiguration like with spring boot for almost everything). I would like to try such approach again because when you have experience and know what you are doing you have better control of your app and you will not turn it into a spaghetti monster. Benefits that I see are that the code is easier to reason about and debug, there is less magic (no reflection and autoconfiguration) and the app is so much faster to start (this is a big for me currently, I`m tired of waiting 30s for a larger spring boot app to start on my macbook pro). Has anybody done apps in both spring boot and ktor and can provide some insight?
Spring Boot is definitely more stable but as for me quite overcomplciated. I like Ktor, but at the moment there still might be some minor bugs and what I don’t like much is Locations module and creating routes via Route functions (that should be added to route list manually). This part is way more beautiful in Spring with it’s controllers and annotations.
What does the larger boot app use for features? Simple boot apps don't take that long. I'd make sure whatever framework you try has support for what you need.
@sannysoft Spring Boot is actually adding a way to define the routes as in ktor. I like that way, you have more control, can test easier and is not constrained by annotations