Any success implementing a `JSON` response with KT...
# ktor
Any success implementing a
response with KTOR? Tried and got this:
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java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Response pipeline couldn't transform 'class java.util.Collections$SingletonMap' to the OutgoingContent
	at io.ktor.server.engine.BaseApplicationResponse$$special$$inlined$apply$lambda$1.invokeSuspend(BaseApplicationResponse.kt:38)
	at io.ktor.server.engine.BaseApplicationResponse$$special$$inlined$apply$lambda$1.invoke(BaseApplicationResponse.kt)
	at io.ktor.util.pipeline.PipelineContext.proceed(PipelineContext.kt:53)
	at io.ktor.util.pipeline.Pipeline.execute(Pipeline.kt:24)
Checked out the documentation and saw this:
... but documentation is sketchy ... any ideas?
I made a toy project that shows how to do this (and other typical integrations):
You must declare with library will be used for ContentNegotiation
For example, gson
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implementation "io.ktor:ktor-gson:$ktor_version"
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install(ContentNegotiation) { gson {} }
@Sergio Casero Yes I tried all that, but the contents of the
gson { }
block, its somewhat unclear as to what needs to go there!
@mp will definitely take a look. Thanks ­čĹŹ