Hey there, is there a way to look at the changelog...
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Hey there, is there a way to look at the changelog for 0.9.4 or is it still not out there? On a different matter, I updated to 0.9.4 because we are now able to customise the HTTPClient on instantiation with
engine{ }
. With the Apache engine, is there a way to append a header on every request that is made?
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To customize every client call you can try
feature and
defaultRequest { ... }
@Deactivated User we don't have a page about it on ktor.io yet
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Brilliant, thank you! I guess I didn't find the changelog because there wasn't a release yet, only a tag. The Default request page is very helpful, thanks I've certainly learned a few things about ktor that I couldn't find in the docs. I will try to get some time to contribute them.