I have a strange issue. I use session client-side....
# ktor
I have a strange issue. I use session client-side. With this code, I check if the ttl is ok and after I send the session. But if I do multiple request in the same time, the duration value become negative sometimes with the same header in input. If I comment the code for the ttl check, that works perfectly. Do you know why please ?
Someone have an idea please ?
What is your formatDate? does it include seconds/milliseconds?
If it doesn't then it could be the reason why you get negative deltas
Hello, my formatDate is this : val formatDate = SimpleDateFormat(“yyMMddHHmmss”)
The negative deltas appear when I do many request in the same time
Could you provide response handler for more details? It could be problem with date formatting
What is response handler for you ? I receive Error 401 because The duration is negative so ktor thinks the ttl is invalid…
The strange things is with only one request I have no problem but with multiple request I have this problem
Like concurrency problem..