Is the Locations feature experimental in the sense...
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Is the Locations feature experimental in the sense that it could disappear tomorrow, or experimental in the same way coroutines are experimental and subject to changes until things settle?
Well, everything could happen before 1.0. As far as I remember there was some rough edges, but maybe not that important. If it works for you I wouldn’t worry too much: In the worst case that we decide to totally remove it, and you would have a big codebase using it, you could always grab the source code of the feature from the last version supporting it, and copy it to your own project or to an external feature and effectively using it. Ktor is designed so features are decoupled from the core, and the core itself (pipeline intercepting, application, environment, and maybe routing) is pretty stable by now, and proven, so the feature could be used as it is now or with little to no changes almost for sure.
fair point