Who can help me with deploying to heroku? I can't ...
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Who can help me with deploying to heroku? I can't understand why it not work. project here https://github.com/nailgilaziev/wsUpper I try to run it locally via comands:
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./gradlew stage
heroku local web
And it works. App available on localhost:8080 After pushing to heroku via
git push heroku master
it says that all is okay and write to console this: https://afternoon-sierra-23732.herokuapp.com/ deployed to Heroku I tried to modify
and change port to 80 and 8080 vice versa. none of the options helped. And now I can't understand what are I'm doing wrong.
@Deactivated User , can you mention someone who can help me with it?
Let me check it
Have you tried to deploy just a hello world without the ws stuff?
Just to reduce the error scope
my repo contains http route “/” that returns plain text - it’s alive for root route. Tomorrow will try absolutely without ws block
I can record a video if you cant get it working