Is there a way in intellij to generate javadocs fo...
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Is there a way in intellij to generate javadocs for a method? i.e. When I start typing
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I want it to auto fill the param names
It does this for Java, but not for Kotlin. Right now for Kotlin, it will only suggest parameter names and such when you manually add tags to kdoc comments. Hopefully this gets added in the future.
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imo in kotlin auto generating kdoc does not make so much sense. you should not add param tags for all parameters just because they are there
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How is Kotlin different than Java in that regard? I mean, you can argue the same for Java (not all parameters need param tags in javadoc)
I think I remember reading about it in a style guide, but you are right it's not kotlin specific.
I guess I just always forget about the syntax for kdocs, and so I rather have it autofill everything for me, and then I could delete stuff that doesn't make sense.
you can just type
in a kdoc and see what tags are available
the best way to remember the kdoc conventions is to write more kdoc, which is a great idea anyway
Agree. I feel like I'm always having to reference google on how to write docs. lol