Hi. I was searching for the following two points,...
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Hi. I was searching for the following two points, but could not get any information. 1. when will
Kotlin 1.3
? 2. when
Kotlin 1.6
is released, will
Kotlin 1.4
? If anyone knows of a page with this information, please share it with me. Thank you.
2 Yes. Kotlin compiler supports only two last language versions. Kotlin 1.5 supports LV 1.4, and LV 1.3 with deprecation, but not anything before that. 1 Do you mean, when will IDEAs with the latest bundled Kotlin IDE plugin stop to support Kotlin Gradle plugin 1.3? I don't know, probably there is no exact deadline, but a good rule of thumb is to consider point 2. If you use Kotlin IDE plugin 1.5.X now, you should be able to use Kotlin Gradle plugin 1.3, but not lower.
Thank you for your answer, my question has been answered. Also, after your answer, I was able to find another page with all the information on this matter. https://kotlinlang.org/docs/kotlin-evolution.html#compatibility-flags From the information on this page, let's assume that the deadline will be around August 2022, about two years after the release date of
Kotlin 1.4.0