Is there a hotkey (or plugin) to make all my split...
# intellij
Is there a hotkey (or plugin) to make all my splits sized equally?
c under drag and drop tabs you can find this:

That's probably the quickest built in way for equal sizes?
Cool, I did not know that I can simply drag tabs to create a split. All this years, right-click -> split -> remove the duplicate tab... 🙃
It's a new feature in 2020.3
🙂 I feel much less stupid now. Thank you.
This is awesome! But I'm wanting to resize my existing splits. 1. Split vertically 2. Split vertically again 3. I now have one tab that's 50% of the screen, and two that are 25% 4. ???? 5. All three tabs are equally sized at 33%
Probably makes sense to file a feature request for IDEA team