I'm running in to what looks like a bug in Android...
# intellij
I'm running in to what looks like a bug in Android Studio. I have a gradle main project A which is dependent upon a subproject B. B is using a compiler plugin to generate some additional classes like a souped up annotation processor. The problem I'm running into is the generated classes from B aren't visible to AS/intellij, even though the build can find them and they're in B's output jar. This leads to a bunch of red text and no autocompletion with the generated classes. Does anyone know what I can do to address this, or should I file an issue somewhere? The traditional "Add java sources directories to gradle" doesn't seem appropriate because the generated classes are in a different subproject.
In case anyone runs across this, my workaround was "remove project dependency between projects from gradle, add subproject B source paths (both normal and generated) to project A in gradle, and add a compilation dependency". Not graceful but seems to resolve the problem.