Does anyone have a problem with `Code Style Scheme...
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Does anyone have a problem with
Code Style Scheme
being reseted back to the `default`/`project` setting all the time? Whenever I set my own
it works but after a while it’s back to
setting… It’s really annoying as it’s breaking my all imports and auto-formatting 😕 I could tackle it down that it’s reverting my changes after doing
sync project with gradle
. It’s happening on AS (since version 4.0 I guess)
Sounds like Does it help to remove
option from
Let me try! 👀 This ticket seems to be very old though and it wasn’t happening all the time for me even tho I always had this option set. Is there any plan to fix this issue (as there is no target version for this ticket 😞)?
No plans so far. Doesn't look like many people complain about it though.