I've noticed lately, that sometimes I have to wait...
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I've noticed lately, that sometimes I have to wait at least
seconds for code completion to pop up. This breaks my flow 😞 Is there a way to speed up code completion somehow? I already have the delay reduced considerably, but it seems that the problem is elsewhere. This is even more pronounced when I'm using string interpolation.
For me, sometimes copy and paste blocks the entire UI for a few seconds.
Depends on how big the file is.
i'm not doing that
it only blocks for me when I paste java code
and it gets converted to kotlin
i think this is fine
but 4 seconds for a popup is not fine 😞
Which version of Kotlin plugin do you use? There’s been some improvements to performance recently, but maybe you’re hitting some edge case? Or it happens for all files?
For example I used to have to wait several seconds for inspections to finish when I had massive suspendable lambda passed as primary constructor parameter, although this one seems to be fixed
it happens seemingly randomly
I've been experiencing something similar for a while. I am suspecting data class expansion as in a recent version a pop-up appeared when i started "find usage" and it let me turn off expansion search to make it a lot faster. I registered this issue a while back: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-35502
Oh, and we have a KTor server project with about 40k lines of code.
I ignored this when I first read it, and vois la, it started happening to me today. Karma huh? Any ideas on solving this? its a real bumer
Try the 1.4-M2 plugin. Performance has improved quite a bit.
no solution yet 😞
hitting the same problem now, did not realise it on a newer PC but using the old one (which is still fast and has sufficient memory) it slowed down dramatically. I basically see myself write stuff with 1-2 seconds delay when code completion kicks in