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For errors, they should show up with build automatically but I've had some.version combos not so it, or larger projects take awhile to do it. For package rename, did another dialog popup asking about rename directory or.package or something like that? Not in front of ide so can't see. If it did, then you likely chose the 'wrong' option. I seem to recall the options aren't obvious. One does exactly what you want and the other just renames the directories.
Generally speaking, best results are seen with eap of Intellij and latest kotlin plugin.
Let me take a look next time I'm in ide and I'll try to provide more assistance
Generally, a clean install isn't necessary, but... Actually, are you using the Jetbrains Toolbox App to manage versions or installing from downloads? I think the App automatically does an uninstall, allows you to install more than one version, rollback EAP updates etc. Highly recommended. Note that this is different from the Subscription also called Toolbox.