What do you do when IntelliJ simply refuses to ana...
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What do you do when IntelliJ simply refuses to analyze a file? I’m smashing my keyboard but no red appears. Invalidate & Restart does nothing, removing build folder does nothing. Vim has better syntax highlighting right now
It’s the only file in a new multiplatform module in an existing project in the iosMain sourceSet
IntelliJ also does not see
in the same new module in the commonMain sourceSet
Managed to get the support for the iosMain part back by killing all java processes and removing build, .gradle and .idea/libraries, still can’t find CoroutineScope in common
Not sure if related, but with Kotlin 1.3.61 plugin I also experience the same issue, AS just stops analyzing files. For me restarting the IDE works, but is still annoying
No multiplatform though, just mixed Kotlin + Android modules
Are you sure its actually unable to analyze it, or is it just taking a long time? IJ with 1.3.x plugin is ridiculously slow at analysis.
What do you mean by ridiculously slow? If you mean hours that may be it but I doubt it
No, not quite that slow. Minutes for sure.