how is intellij/kotlin performing for other folks?...
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how is intellij/kotlin performing for other folks? I've had severe performance issues in medium-sized projects for as long as I can think. fluent coding is impossible.
For me it is working fine in a multiplatform project. Probably depends on some factors. Do you run on the latest 1.3.61 since some big IDE speedups landed? (and more coming up)
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there are some weird slowdowns and hang-ups from time to time, but overall usable. (Large kotlin-only jvm project)
For me — usable but much, much slower than Java. In some specific cases — lots of nested coroutines + generics, editing slows to a crawl. What’s your definition of fluent? 🙂 I definitely see how for someone used to performance of Java in IntelliJ might see editing Kotlin as non-fluent
The performance is absolutely terrible. Bordering on unusable. We have already started converting our project back to Java because of this. mixed Kotlin + Java backend app JetBrains response to this is lackluster.
@Jurriaan Mous thanks for the link. I'm using 1.3.61 in some projects but not others (e.g., intellij plugin)
how big is your project, @poohbar?