Has anyone seen `An exception occurs during Evalua...
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Has anyone seen
An exception occurs during Evaluate Expression Action : More than one package fragment, files: [KtFile: debugFile.kt, KtFile: ConfigProvider.kt] | fragments: [package com.jdiazcano.cfg4k.providers, package com.jdiazcano.cfg4k.providers]
an exception from [this](https://github.com/JetBrains/kotlin/blob/683c2b0434d0d69c9a4bd85a28c437a71dc2b39b/idea/idea-jvm/src/org/jetbrains/kotlin/idea/debugger/evaluate/KotlinEvaluationBuilder.kt#L178) line (inside kotlin code)
Doesn't look like a known problem. Please report to http://kotl.in/issue with sample code to reproduce. Thanks!
Will do tonight!
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