hi , anyone know....on how to enable ..mouse wheel...
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hi , anyone know....on how to enable ..mouse wheel scroll for scrollview in android ..ie my app connected to a monitor via secondary display..and scrolling is not happening via mouse scroll
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You can always scroll by click and drag the screen
Emulator behaviour the same as you would scroll with a finger
If you’re using real device – it is also the same
actually there is a hardware dock on which the phone is placed..and it is connected via hdmi , dont know exaclty the specifics..but we have webview app on which the url is loaded and scrolling using fingers is working ,,but not via wheel scroll interesting ..if we remove the scroll view and enable scrolling bars from the webview settings ..and upon resizing the window to maximize on the monitor the scrollbars disappear(but wheel scroll works ) any idea on why scrollbars disapper window resize ..i have the code ..of making fading enabled false (mWebView.setScrollbarFadingEnabled(false))
Have you tried it with Vysor?
Works good for me
vysor..works fine but the product i am working is an enterprise setup..so testing is done via that setup