Hello, I am having an issue with a lateinit variab...
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Hello, I am having an issue with a lateinit variable that I am unsure on how to fix. With the code as is, the variable in question does get initialized within a while loop but because of this, AndroidStudio throws a
lateinit property series has not been initialized
error. I don't really know what a good work around would be, any advice would be helpful? Thanks To give background, I am trying to create a line graph using GraphView library
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// create a new data series
        lateinit var series: LineGraphSeries<DataPoint>
        // link activity to layout view
        val graph: GraphView = findViewById(R.id.line_chart)

        // try to read and save data into series
        val minput = InputStreamReader(assets.open("tester_data_CSV.csv"))
        val reader = BufferedReader(minput)
        var line: String
        var x: Double
        var y: Double
        while (reader.readLine().also { line = it } != null) {
            val row: List<String> = line.split(",")
            x = row[0].toDouble()
            y = row[1].toDouble()
            // add data to series, unsure what the last element is for
            series.appendData(DataPoint(x,y),true,  100)
        // add series to graph
based on this snippet your variable is not initialled at all
ah! thank you
Yeah, doesn't look like you really need the lateinit. Just create an object